Sunday, May 01, 2016

It is an Honour To Make a Quilt

left Energy Cloth 2011   right  Memories of Wikwemikong 2008
from top left, something more magical than it ever was 1991, work in progress (big silk quilt), House with the Golden Windows, (two walls only) 1993, moon cloth 2016 long nigh 2016, Cry me a River 2001, Monumental simplicity 2012 and in the middle, Protection Blanket - the yellow Amish piece - 2005
Turning the Sky To Cloth 2015 and Lake 2014
from top ,  indigo checkerboard in progress, beautiful blocks of time (bound journals, on going) The Rescuer 2001, velvet journal series, and She Sees Herself As Warm 1996 Velvet Journal series
Monday May 2
5 pm end of year banquet,   guest speaker 7 pm Judith Martin
Sudbury District Quilting and Stitchery Guild
Bryston's On The Park, Copper Cliff Ontario
Some of the Millennium Journal 1998-2001
from top  Millennium Journal 2001, two embroidered pillow cases, Hold Me 2009 and Self Hug 2015, Jack's Quilt Lucky Protection 2011, coming clockwise, Turning The Air To Cloth 2015, Lake 2014, In the Centre of the Body is the Soul 1996, Cry Me a River 2001 at bottom, Sisu 2013, two 50th wedding banners 1999, twenty  four hour care 2010 and Each Stitch is a prayer, 2004, the pale Amish in the middle of the photo.
The process of quiltmaking is a strange one.  I become a housewife.  I wash the fabric, dry it, dye it, iron it, sew it.  Design is urgent, but making a quilt requires a love of tedium.  Those hours are filled with thoughts, daydreams, cycles of emotions.  Good feelings turn into sadness. Frustrated boredom turns into meditative calm.  When I’ve finished, there it is.  My vision realized.

Time has passed.  Things have been learned.  Each quilt is a painting for me, but quilts also have that functional possibility.  In the present day world of mass produced things, a unique, finely crafted object becomes a statement of the quality of life I believe in.  It is an honour to make a quilt. 
Janet Koike

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Gallery Artists exhibition at David Kaye Gallery

Two of Judith Martin's Time, Dream, Memory series  are part of the exhibition
GALLERY ARTISTS March 31 - May 1 2016.  
This exhibit is in David Kaye's main space, the west gallery.
Time Dream Memory: Time  by Judith Martin 2014
 Van dyke print on hand made paper, wool blanket, hand stitch 2014. 
Time, Dream Memory: Dream  Judith Martin 2014

 Also in this exhibit, Sylvia Ptak's framed stitch and pigment piece, The Unicorn and the Date Palm
and below, Barbara Klunder's collage, Either Love or Fear
In the East Gallery at David Kaye's are the Saidye Bronfman award winners, ten of which exhibit with David Kaye.  That exhibit includes textile artists Dorothy Caldwell, Susan Warner Keene, Sandra Brownlee, Kai Chan and the 2016 winner, Jane Kidd.  See their work here.
The gallery is open Wednesday through Sunday, closed Monday and Tuesday.

Friday, March 04, 2016

now on view at David Kaye Gallery

David Kaye told me that this piece is currently on display in the wall case in his gallery.

If you go into that gallery in Toronto to see the Tracey Lawko exhibition that is opening this weekend, look for this piece of mine.  Full view is over here.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

stitch collage workshop

Judy Martin taught a Stitch Collage at the library in Little Current, Manitoulin Island on Wednesday January 13.  All materials were provided, including vintage photo frames and plant dyed wool fabrics.  Most of the participants chose to work with raw edges rather than turned under.

Working with small bits of layered fabric lends itself to abstract art.
Judy Martin
Maureen Armstrong
Judy Kift
Waiting for more photos of finished collages and shall post them here.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

stitch collage workshop

Wednesday January 13, 9 am - 4 pm.
Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands public Library,   Little Current, Manitoulin Island
free one day workshop for seniors

register at the library  50 Meridith Street West
705 368 2444
all supplies included

Friday, November 20, 2015

Nouveau Louvre

How To Live Series:  Be Born   block print,needle prick, Judy Martin 

Hundreds of piece sof artwork fromlocal and out of town artists will be on sale during the 2015 edition of the nouveau louvre.

November 21 - December 23 2015
Galerie Du Nouvel-Ontario
Sudbury Ontario Canada
How To Live:  Survive Love and Loss    Block print, needle prick by Judy Martin 
Each year, the GNO invites artists to show their work and put it up for sale at the nouveau louvre. All works of art are for sale at single price of $200 each.  As the artist-run centre's most important fundraising activity, the profits are shared between the artist ($125 and the GNO ($75).  It is an ideal opportunity to acquire an original work of art while supporting the GNO and Northern Ontario artists.

Opening at the GNO  Saturday November 21 at 2 pm.
It is possible to purchase art over the phone or through email.  Click gno-org and scroll down to see some of the other art available.

Friday, November 13, 2015

slow stitch continues

Slow Stitch continues every Thursday between 1 - 4 pm at the United Church Hall in Little Current, Manitoulin Island.  Currently, there is no common project.  We are just bringing our own stitching and connecting with each other.

Judy Martin leads the group when she can.

When Judy is not able to be at Slow Stitch, one of the group opens the meeting place.

This post shows the variety in the work brought in between September and November 2015.
 Karen finished her moon piece.
 Maureen visited Scotland over the summer and purchased this plaid fabric.
Siska has several projects under way.  Above, she uses fabrics that she has woven together in combination with crochet, cheese cloth, eyelet stitch (detail)
Siska's project b is a watery table runner for her wooden canoe.
Jocelyne made a kantha from dyed fabrics over the summer
Jocelyne also has several projects.  Above is one of her pieces that uses domestic cloth.  It's hard to tell from this photo, but there are two embroideries of a tree, one of them on sheer fabric overlay.
 Jackie put quilt blocks appliqued when she was a teen together with modern fabrics.

 Sally uses silk that she has dyed with plants and prefers raw edge applique
Judy is making a small picture inspired by a 1796 Swedish folk embroidery

Join us on Thursdays if you are in the area.
The United Church Hall is on Robinson street, down town Little Current, Manitoulin Island Ontario.
Email Judy Martin if you have a question about attendance.